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Products for your landscape projects

Products for your landscape projects

"Sand." "Soil." "Rock." We use a lot of four-letter words in this business,

For landscape projects large and small, Faulks Bros. has the products you need. We deliver to your home or jobsite. Or you can pick up from our yard. Call today to order, but be careful using four-letter words.

  • Abrasives - Highly-effective blasting media
  • Compost - Rich, organic material to help your garden grow.
  • Freestall Sand - Clean bedding for your livestock herd.
  • Gravel - For drainage and construction projects.
  • Landscape Stone - Long-lasting, low-maintenance decorative stone.
  • Limestone - All grades, produced in our own quarry.
  • Mulch - Four colors of mulch for landscape finishing.
  • Sand - For all construction and industrial jobs.
  • Sports Field Materials - For golf, baseball, & other athletic fields.
  • Topsoil - All-purpose topsoil for large landscape jobs.