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For the blasting and sealcoating industries, Faulks Bros. produces quality abrasives materials.

Blackjack Slag Abrasive Blackjack Abrasive

Extremely hard and sharp for excellent cutting and finish removal. Available blended with Blastox® Lead Abatement or Prevent Dust Suppressant.

  • Coarse Grade applications: machinery, heavy equipment, bridges, oil rigs, ships, mining equipment
  • Medium Grade applications: medium coating, structural steel, stone lettering, machine parts
  • Fine Grade applications: light surface rust, scale removal, light deburring, glass etching


Bling Blasting Abrasive Bling Crushed Glass Abrasive

Bling is an engineered blasting abrasive produced from recycled glass.

  • Non-Hazardous, non-toxic and chemically inert
  • Bling dust is classified as nuisance dust, as it contains less than 1% free silica
  • Eliminates risk of airborne carcinogens
  • Completely sterilized
  • Can be used in wet blasting and dry blasting equipment
  • Contains virtually no heavy/toxic metals identified by OSHA
  • Reduces embedment issues
  • Dust is translucent so visibility and productivity increases
  • Estimated 5 pounds of product per square foot of surface


Industrial Sand Products Sand4560

Our Flint Silica Industrial Sand products are cleaned, washed, and dried. Precision-fractionated to optimum particle sizes.
All products are available delivered in bulk, 3,000-pound super sacks, 100 pound bags, and 50 pound bags.

  • 2340 Coarse Grade
    • Structural fill
    • Sidewalk traction sand
    • Play sand
  • 4560 Fine Grade
    • Aggregate for mortar mixes
    • Use for concrete mixes
    • Locomotive traction sand


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