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Give your horses the best footing in your indoor and outdoor arenas.


EZ Foot Rubber Equestrian Footing

For your horse's comfort, choose EZ Foot, a safe, resilient footing for your indoor or outdoor arena. Reduce dust and maintenance in your arena while giving your horses a safer environment! This crumb rubber footing, engineered specifically for the equestrian industry, minimizes impact to horses’ legs and joints.

  • Safer for horses - reduces concussion to joints
  • Stable footing - enhanced stopping, turning and
  • Less watering - helps surface retain moisture
  • Less dragging - stays in place better than sand
  • Reduces dust - does not break down like sand
  • Non-toxic and not taste-appealing to horses


Arena Sand

  • No stones - safer for horses and riders
  • Washed free of silt and clay so surface won't
      compact and get hard
  • Affordable footing for indoor and outdoor
  • Available blended with EZ-Foot Arena Rubber for
      a softer cushioned surface


Arena Base

  • Use underneath Arena Sand to create a firm base
      when building a new arena
  • Stable, non-shifting sub-surface
  • Holds up well to traffic of pounding hooves