Transformation through Landscaping

Welcome yourself to a whole new world in your home territory through landscaping.  Simple changes can transform your property into the functional outdoor swank spot that will be the envy of all your neighbors and friends.  You will love living local and relish in what you created.

Landscaping projects can be as big or small as you like.  There are so many possibilities for your land:  soothing water features, basic curb appeal, complete outdoor living space, waterfront ambiance, natural habitats, a grower’s haven.  You’re only limited by your imagination.  Faulks Bros is here to get you set up, provide the right materials, and complete your landscape transformation.


Bring on the swank!  Check out the photos of some of the projects we have completed.  The materials used are all local.  Gravel in several varieties for driveways, water front applications, or whimsical paths through gardens.  Landscaping stones of all shapes, sizes, colors will complement and accentuate wherever they are placed.  Top-of-the-line topsoil keeps vegetation happy and thriving. Have a place to put a boulder and make it a focal point, we have plenty!  Fire pits can be decoratively edged. Water features can have flashy stones to flow over. Flat  surfaces provide unique space for outdoor furniture.  Decks and patios will be enhanced and look divine.  Stone can add structure, crisp lines, and highlight your outdoor showcase.

Imagining a bigger landscape transformation?  Let us renew your property.  Total land clearing, pond digging, tree transplanting, foundation excavation, driveway grading and other big jobs are a breeze to our team.

How to start the transformation?  Give Freddie a call.  Faulks’ Bros excavation team will arrive. Plans, permitting help, equipment, products, and man-power – we deliver on all.  Our team will sit down, make a plan, and begin to execute.  Before you know it, you will be enjoying the outcome of your plans; your glamour spot will be constructed, cleaned-up and ready for company.


Make your BACKYARD a BACKROOM.  Create landscaping with ambiance, livability and appeal.  Back yards can become a better place to hang out than your living rooms.  Bonus, you enjoy the fresh air and increase your property value all in one.













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