We Dig Excavating!

Excavating, or put simply, digging, is a part of almost every project we do.  Faulks Bros. has moved the earth for 70+ years. It is a tremendous satisfaction to stroll through the Waupaca County area and see change that starts by simply digging a hole.

Excavating by definition is digging material from the ground; extracting; removing earth carefully and systematically from an area.  Faulks has the equipment and staff to accomplish this in whatever manner is needed.  Our excavating leaders Chris, Nick, and Cody manage a crew of eager operators with modern equipment.  This team keeps their jobs moving and completed in a timely fashion.

The numerous projects we have been involved with take shape with consistent strategy and hard work.  We keep environmental concerns and safety at the forefront of each one.  Each job comes with its own personality, its own trouble-shooting, and its own unique way to re-shape your view of the countryside.

The fun part about excavating is you never know exactly what you are going to find in the earth you dig into.  For instance, did you know that Foundry plant 1 sits on a solid bed of granite?  That is right; this tough material makes any part of a Foundry’s expansion a super exciting and more interesting feat to accomplish.  It is a time when we get the dynamite out and blast, blast, blast.  Finding what is in the ground brings excitement to the jobs, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively.  Below is a top five list of the “treasures” our crews have unearthed.

Bottom line:  50 years combined experience of our estimating/project management gurus Chris, Nick and Cody, then add 70+ years of Faulks Bros. re-shaping and moving the earth, you can’t go wrong to call on Faulks for your commercial or home project.



5. “Dig, how are we going to find the dirt under 5 feet of water?”
4. “Call those two guys that travel in the van and pick through junk, that one guy likes old-time cans and we found some.”
3. “Hallelujah, an artesian well, let’s start bottling water.”
2. “American Pickers: we have old advertising signs, tools, & 1955 license plates available.”
1. “Steel, scrap metal, maybe our neighbors at the Foundry would be interested.”


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